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    how'd you get 3 colours ?

    Looks neat.

    I'll try the visualisation thing :-)

    200mm/s is pushing it a bit - kinda loses the edges a bit.
    I'll stick to 150 I think. :-)


    yep that works - looks like crap, but doesn't crash.

    layer height 0.25 and 20% infill gets it down to exactly 8 hours. 270gms
    Hmm, dunno if I've actually aroll with that left. I will see.

    Cheers - good call :-)


    found a full roll of blue ingeo pla. The good stuff !
    This could end up being the biggest plate of spaghetti I've made to date, lol

    Holy crap it's 1.68 MILLION lines of g-code !
    45mb text file. average novel is around 0.3mb

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    It is two pieces. But to get the blue into the gray, I printed the blue first, one layer high. Then printed the gray, which already had the blue part cut out of it. Nice thing about having the two heads on the Qidi.

    If you wanted too, you could make your own bearings. I have made some with success, but they were pretty big. To get one small enough to work, I'd be shooting for a .2 nozzle and slow. They have a bit of slop, but you could always make the attaching part stick out further so it won't rub when spun.
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    Hmm, I think alexa is having problems counting up to 1.68 million.
    Just locked up.

    we'll have another go.
    Ah that's better, think it was s3d disconnecting that locked her up.
    here we go :-)

    I was playing with printed bearings a short while back. Got it down to about 1.5 cm. Didn't work.

    I reckon you could go down to about an inch and get it to work.
    Nozzle thickness not as much of an issue as getting the gap between gears right.

    Worth a play when I've done the marble run :-)

    Easily the single largest print I've ever done, as well as the most complex.
    1.68 MILLION instructions - I'm not getting over that in a hurry lol
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    These bearings are 22mm, so yeah, an inch would be about right. But, for $0.50, I'll save the time making them.

    Good luck on the marble run. Post some pictures throughout the run. Or are you going to do another time lapse?
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    Almost 2 hours, 1/4 of the way done....need some updates!

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    Did you have Alexa flapping her arms so fast that she took off?

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    nope, what actually happened was that she stopped about an inch or so into the job.
    No jams, not a power cut, just stopped. All settings were fine when i went in yesterday morning, still heated, just waiting for the next instruction.

    I have been using the dirt cheap sd card that came with the printer. So presuming somewhere in the 1.68million lines of gcode, it got corrupted.
    Got a few brand new 4gb sd-cards lying around, I'll try again tonight with a new card.

    And the marble run will definitely print at 0.3 layer height. The bit that was done was at 0.25. No issues at all bar some stringing. So a furtle with the retraction settings, drop speed down to 120 and up layer thickness to 0.3.
    It'll probably need some blowtorching - to kill the cobwebs :-)

    Might have a go at painting a helmet to day.
    Though if my cases arrive, I have got a couple of base units to build for actual paying customers.

    Time lapse wise - remembered I got a better webcam with the ciclops 'scanner' (yeah right) so I'll dig that out of the box and find somewhere permament to attach it. Also need to source the professional version of the software.
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    That's a bummer that it stopped on you. Better to have stopped an inch in than an inch left to go.

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    yeah I was thinking that. Plus proved that you don't need to print it on silly resolution settings.

    Just unticked: 'only retract on travel'. Should get rid of a lot of the thicker stringing.

    Under tools, options, machines. the y axis box is ticked for flip table axis.
    There are four combinations of this as you can have it on and off both from the tool/options/machine AND from the gcode page in the printer profile.

    I have tried all four combinations - and none of them worked.
    When i first got simplify 3d what i saw on the preview screen was what printed. Then when I upgraded to version 3, the text on the screen showed mirror reversed but the text printed normally. So that wasn't an issue.

    But with the delta, it doesn't matter whether the preview shows normal or reversed text it just prints reversed.
    I've got a vague feeling that playing with the 'x' axis inversion is what sorted the printed text.

    No cases yet so I'll have another play with the settings.
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    Do you have the Update Machine Definition checked in the G-Code tab? Mine isn't.

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