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    I currently have my cable twist tied to the nearest diagonal arm.

    The PC or Lexan can simply be twisted to get the part off, according to the poster.

    Think you could sell any of your tiny helmets to make a couple of bucks? I have thought about trying to make a buck or two off the printers, but just don't know what people would like. Seems something like 3dhubs might be the way to go....print other peoples projects. There is a school in town here that kids are doing that. Design the model and pay to have it printed somewhere and then shipped to them. Maybe I'll throw a post up on Craigslist and see what happens.
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    6 more hours to go...well probably 40+ with painting, sanding, blah blah blah. Once piece left though.

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    That's the easy bit done :-)
    had the annual visit with my accountant yesterday. she has way more good ideas than I do.
    So she reckons find someone who already does craft shows and fairs and let them sell widgert and things for you.
    So that's one thing I'm going to try.

    You're missing the point of printbite. You don't have to bugger about bending the plate. once it's cooled down - the print is no longer stuck, at all. Tpu sticks to pretty much anything and just peels off - so that's probably the worst test you could possibly do.
    If they can show me printed polycarbonate sticking to something and then easily releasing - that I'd be impressed with.

    So plans for the helmet.
    File the joins as flat as possible, glue. Then run round the seams with the printing pen and sand flat. Should give a reasonably seamless finish. Currently about to print a couple mini helmets to play with.
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    That looks awesome.

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    here's the 2 small ones:

    Given that they were knocked out at 150mm/s and 0.3. Not bad. The inside at the top is pretty good.

    The quarters at the apex were actually building out on the horizontal. Bloody impressive.

    Need to get some silver/metallic paint now :-)

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    Those turned out great. I had a good chuckle on how "cute" they are so small. Awesome job, man.

    As they say, if you can't beat them, join them. Fidget spinners being all the rage, I decided to make a custom one to send to work with the wife. It has her business' logo on one side and the name on the other. See if anyone there likes it.

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    where'd you get the bearings ?

    And have you got pictures :-)

    So I'm thinking what is the actual physical speed limit of the printer ?

    If she can do 150mm/s at 0.3mm - she should be able to do 200mm/s at 0.2mm layer height. Same volume of plastic right.
    Or will that make her explode !

    How fast can the stepper motors turn ?

    I think it's something to do with inverting the y axis.
    It used to be fine, just printed what showed in the preview. then when I installed version3 it started showing text reversed in the preview but printing it fine.
    But with the delta it doesn't seem to matter what shows in the preview it always prints it reversed. Which is bloody weird.

    Sod it going to give it a go :-) Also test if text is right way round yet.
    right here goes super speed !


    well that works, still got text issues. doing it again with no inverted y. test looks mirrored on preview, so might print right way round.

    The fine detail isn't brilliant - but i reckon it would be good enough for that marble run - if I can ever slice it lol
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    Cheap 608zz roller skate bearings from the hobby store. Working on the logo right now.

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    I attempted some text and it worked fine.

    Try going to tools--options--visualization and change the g-code preview to low. See if that helps with slicing.

    The orange will be black when I am done. It was a test run to see if the bearing will fit, which it didn't. Going to find some 8mm ball bearings to put in the outside holes.
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