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    Printing board problem

    Hello all,
    My father bought me a 3d printing board last year for my work. I am staying away from home. Recently I dealt with some problems like stringing and plastic overheating. Yesterday my printer stopped working. I tried repairing it, but it was of no use. My father told me that he'll get a new printer for me tomorrow. What shall I do with the old printer?? I read an article regarding the disposal of e-waste. So shall I dispose the printer or does anyone have any other suggestion? If anyone here knows any technique to fix my printer, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    What's a printing board? You mean the controller board? What printer? What software? etc etc.

    If you really want to throw it away, check this thread:

    But if you really want, I'll take it off your hands free of charge. Just cover shipping.

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