With 1.6 Million USD foundation, what do we get from Panowin F1---Part 3

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1. Integrated PCB controller

Closed detail of the PCB controller. The controller integrated all the function on it. All the modules are connected by the colorful port through the cable.

2. Gridded plastic printing platform

The printing platform has the gridded surface. The whole platform is press-casted with special material. While printing, the material is easier to stick on the surface. After printing, the product is easier to come off.

And there is a heated print platform as an optional part to order. While using the ABS or some materials requires heat up, or while the room temperature is low, the heated platform can make the material stick on the surface much more easily.

3. High definition LCD touch screen control panel

The HD LCD screen is another additional component. The screen connected by a hot-plugged port with PCB controller. And the users can monitor the file, working temperature, speed and the rate of progress on it.

4. High efficient slicing software: Pango

The interface of the slicing software. The operation is very easy and flexible. The software is using multi-threaded technology to speed up the slicing program. The working speed can be 2-4 times faster than the normal slice software.


  1. Self-assemble modular design
  2. Industry level screw slide
  3. Full metal cast structure
  4. Double turbo-fan cooling extruder
  5. Additional laser head component
  6. Integrated PCB controller
  7. Gridded print platform
  8. Multiple extension plug
  9. Self-developed open source based slice program.

Detailed parameter

Motion system High-quality ball screw with step motor Structure High-quality gantry
Fixing structure Steel screw fixing Equipment
Self-assembled module
Printing resolution <0.1mm Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Filament type PLA Filament diameter 1.75mm
Min printing thickness 0.05mm Max printing speed 120mm/s
Max printing size 120*125*125(mm) Software Pango
Coding format p-code Power requirement 100-240V
Communication SD storage card/USB Operation system Windows 7 or higher/Mac OS
Package measurement 410*385*210(mm) Net weight 9.8(kg)

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