Hi everyone, I'm new to 3d printing and looking to buy my first machine. I'm looking for something cheap just to get me into it and familiar with the programs and process. I also want to make sure I'll use it lol. i have experience with cnc machines and programming although I'm not sure how much the programs are relateable. I do understand g-codes though.

Looking at the Monoprice Select mini for $265 CAD and the GEEETech i3 Pro B for 325 CAD

I like the Monoprice Select mini because it's small, supposed to be very good, made by a good company with good support and comes ready to go. It's build area is a little small and I don't think it can use as many materials. Advantages are that it's small and ready to use and learn on. I live in a small apartment so space is a bit of an issue. Also it's extremely inexpensive.

I like the GEEETech because it looks like a heavier duty machine. It also would allow me to know the machine inside and out and I would imagine it would be easier to upgrade if needed. I also like that you can use more of a variety of materials and the larger build area would definitely be useful in the future. However, I plan to upgrade significantly if things go well with the first machine anyways.

I have done done some research and both these machines seem like decent options. Maybe someone can help heighlight the advantages and disadvantages of each machine.

I am slo open to suggestions if people think there is a better option in my price range or slightly above.

Thank you you very much, your help and advice is appreciated.