With 1.6 Million USD foundation, what do we get from Panowin F1---Part 1

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In the beginning of 2016, Panowin Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., released a new 3D printer: Panowin F1. On April 2014, Panowin F1 started a project on Kickstarter as model Trinus, led by their US partner, Kodama Inc. Until now there are about 3,200 backers with over 1.6 million USD foundation in the project. And it is said that Panowin F1 has a big advantage for the great working performance, good looking and reasonable price.
On Nov 3rd, 2016, Antarctica Bear have seen the Panowin F1 in the facility of Panowin. The market manager, Miss Zhou Fei introduced all the detail to us. Now we shall give you the detailed review of the equipment.

The separated modular design

The Package out looking. Panowin F1 is a 3D printer requires assembling. The all modular is made by Aluminium alloy or still. The whole package is about 25 pounds.

The main parts of the printer. The structure is very simple and clear. The key parts included: slide module, extruder and PCB controller. There are total 6 modules and you can finish the assembling in 9 steps. Even if a beginner can finish the assembling within 1 hour with the help of manual. An experienced user will only need 15-45 minutes.

The fully assembled Panowin F1. According to the Panowin engineer, the main mechanical structure was all model-casted by aluminum alloy. Therefore the whole structure is very steady. The stability and accuracy.

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