Hellllooooooo Printer Geeks !

I just installed the Auto Level Kit on my printer . Afterwards I used Cura to flash my 3DP08 to 3DP12 via the hex file provided to me by Hictop.

My printer is http://www.hic3dprinter.com/products...&id=25&cid=001

Now my Z axis height will no longer go all the way up and travels VERY slow . In the menu it shows it went up 200 but in actuality it only goes up about 3.5 inches max .
This is ruining prints and I need this fixed asap as I am now having a backlog of prints.

Can someone please help me?

PS, I'm a moron when it comes to manual programming of any kind....hence using Cura to flash the hex update file and not using Arduino in any way like I see on other forums.


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