I've done a search on the site for Formlabs and Form printers but found nothing, so here I am starting a new thread for this printer.

I arrived here (3DPrintboard) because I have issues with my Form 2 and I don't want to post on the formlabs forum where they likely remove posts that contain information they don't like.

Anyway, I'll start by saying that I'm not very happy with my printer nor with the company. If you're considering buying a printer, 1st, don't buy it direct like I did, buy it from a third party vendor that is likely to give you 10x better service than the Formlabs people.

Second, know that you're going to have quite a few problems with the printer that will be rather frustrating and will cost you quite a bit. I have about 6 3d printers here and started using them about 5 years ago when things weren't so well known about 3d printing and so I know a thing or two about patience and tweaking and so forth, but for a $3500 printer, I find quite a bit of this rather annoying - things that for a $1000 or less printer I don't.

Anyway, my current problem is related to a "tank refill error" where the printer is throughout the print job just stops and asks me to do something about the tank, mostly it has a button that says "try again" and when pressed, you wait a few seconds then you get it again.

The alternative is to move the tank (pull it out and back in) and try again and then "sometimes" it works - but most times it doesn't.

The other alternative is to completely remove the tank pass some paper towel around the tank and the machine (moisture build up?) and that appears to have more success when the tank is re-inserted and try again works. HOWEVER, there's a major risk of the glass under the tank (such a delicate piece of the printer) gets a drop of resin on it from the build plate that is hanging above the tank with lots of resin waiting to drip down.

How to fix this tank issue? - does anybody know? - I have latest f/w version and have tried 2 tanks and same thing. The printer in new (2 weeks old rather).