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    My experience with new Mankati E180

    I just got my Mankati E180 a few days ago and made some test, which is my 3rd printer. The quality of prints really surprise me which make me happy with this printer.

    I jumped into printing after getting this printer but I can say most of my prints look better than 90% of the stuff I see online with no profile adjustments at all.
    I have to say the quality of prints really is beyond my expectations. I printed a 3DBenchy at my first print when I got it, visually looking at it, much better than what my other 2 did, smooth surface, excellent bridge performance, no warping and deviation.

    Benchy by Mankati E180.jpg

    Then I printed this vase downloaded from Thingiverse to check the big size printing, looks beautiful, right? But the slicing software made me mad, it took several minutes to slice it. It is similar as Cura which is difficult to slice complicated and big models. Besides, it is a little hard to remove the support structure, but when I removed them, the surface is really good, no residue or damage remained on the surface.

    Julia Vase - Mankati E180 (2).jpg

    Other prints I have printed have also been great and I am really happy with the results.
    Teeth (2).jpg

    Printing ABS is really easy on this printer, and I am waiting for my flex and nylon materials, really cannot wait to try these hard materials.

    The slicing software is not powerful as Simplify3D, but really easy for beginners. And the remote software is really helpful where I can control the printer on my laptop. I ever thought the small screen could be a problem for me, but now with this software, it doesn't matter.

    I like the shortcut key and indicator light at calibration, really smart design.

    Overall, I am really happy with my E180, amazing prints quality, easy to use, and smart design in some details. It is a well engineered machine which is truly worth owning one, but I think there is a few software and firmware things that Mankati team needs to work on, which may not be really necessary but are the things good to have.

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    Those are some really nice looking prints.

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    watched the video of this printer on Youtube, looks amazing. All these prints are made of ABS?

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    just read the review article by,
    it must be better if the size could be bigger

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    looks like a decent printer - at $1500, it ought to be :-)

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    yes, all these were printed by ABS

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    nice review, cover everything I want to say, but my E180 is quiet if closing the front door

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