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    Results of the Benchy print:
    - stringing because of too little retraction as I needed to switch to longer bowden tube after extending the axes
    - few skipped steps in Y-axis at the lowest layers. Might be that I have the motor mounts tightened bit too tight. No skips after those at the beginning, though.
    - X-axis has banding, it doesn't move very smoothly after all. I suspect that this is because the gear's teeth aren't the smoothest and causes small bumps that the hot end mount structure amplifies. Need to reprint it with Prusa MK2 to get better quality.
    - Y axis movement is quite good actually
    - overall the quality is passable

    So there's work to be done for the rack and gear setup if good quality is desired, especially in X-axis. Also simply by doing more prints, the quality might improve to a point when the parts smooth out in use. Or not .

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    New bed carriage part in the making, lots stiffer that previous iteration. Also switched to printed bolts

    For the translucent part the settings were 3 perimeters and 30% infill. Took almost 9 hours to print on Prusa MK2. Maybe bit overkill, but what the heck... cheap 3D Druck PLA.

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    Bed carraige installed and much more stable that the previous iteration:

    Also started modeling and printing some parts to stabilize the frame:

    For the X-axis, I printed new gear, using Polymax PLA, which should be stronger that regular PLA. Not sure about that, but I guess we'll see:

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    Testing the parts stabilizer parts:

    Seems to work very well, even with tension only between two corners. Needs more parts so I can tension the whole thing form all corners and from other side, too. Might do some optimization and simplification about the parts, might have overthought things again...

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    Hmm it seems Dropbox has changed things and previous links aren't working anymore. Well the link to the Dollo-folder works:

    Got the frame stabilized, seems to work fine during printing. Stabilizer parts do restrict access to inside of the printer, I might have to rethink them later. But it works:

    Had some problems with RAMPS, hot end FET had a broken leg which caused some smoke to erupt. Luckily i have extra LM1117 5V regulators so I could fix the Arduino. I changed the setup so that RAMPS doesn't power the Arduino, instead I installed Octoprint to Raspberry pi and mounted it on the frame. Raspi powers the Arduino, seems to be working well. Now all my printers are run by Octoprint. Had to change hostnames for the Octoprint instances so there's no name collisions in my LAN.

    Also installed a bed level sensor to autolevel the bed:

    The sensor is LJ18A3-8-Z/BX, 8mm NPN inductive sensor. Operating voltage is 6-36V, but it seemed to work with 5V. Still, I soldered a voltage divider on it and feed 12V to it, voltage divider lowers the signal voltage to 5V. Marlin config and tuning the distance took some time, but now it seems to work ok.

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    For the firts time I've actually been just using Dollo, instead of building or tweaking it. I've been printing these containers in hopes that I can get at least some of my stuff organized. In current form, Sollo is working quite nicely: bed leveling works and seems accurate enough. Prints come out without deviations, and even though they do have some artifacts caused by small bumps on X- and Y-axes, they are perfectly usable. There's not much to actually improve; only thing I really need is a part cooling fan for printing PLA. And quality, but it's good enough for the stuff I'm going to use this thing for. I think I'll buy E3D volcano and print large stuff with 0.8mm nozzle or something.

    Material: different colors of PETG, mostly Esun. Red is 3DJake and clear is Extrudr

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