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    Molecular Manufacturing is Here

    Researchers at the University of Illinois have created what may end up being the future of 3D printing. In a device they call a 'molecule-making machine' they are able to synthesize literally billions of compounds from hundreds of small molecules. Currently the technology is in the process of being improved after a major investment from a company called Revolution Medicines. Burke, the lead researcher and chemist says that compounds can already be created with the device which humans have never made. The machine, dubbed a 3D printer, of chemistry could prove invaluable in the discovery of new drugs as well as new chemical based technologies. More details on how this incredible machine works can be found here:

    Below is a picture of this new 3D printer:

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    That looks both imposing & menacing, in a good way I suppose.

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    This looks like a mad scientist's machine. I'm guessing it's a bunch of syringe-like extruders connected by plastic tubing to a print head - actually, judging from the tubing into the flask, they may be individual heads. More like a paint color mixing machine. Undoubtedly a big leap forward for chemistry - it will be exciting to see what develops.

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    Dr Sinclair has discovered a way to reverse aging with a chemical called NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) it cost like 300,000 for small amounts Can this machine make it much cheaper? How much could it print in day and costs for that?

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